Italian Innovators by Luca Cottini

What value does Italian culture and entrepreneurship bring to the contemporary world? Why does Italy represent – still today – an incredibly lively piazza of creativity and innovation? How does the Italian model of fusion of arts and entrepreneurship achieve global success?

About Luca Contini

Luca Cottini is a scholar of modern Italian Literature, and a cultural historian. He received his training in Classical Philology and Literary Criticism at University of Milan (BA, 2003) and he specialized – at Notre Dame (MA, 2007) and Harvard (PhD, 2012) – in Italian modernist literature, and in the early industrial culture.

His research on the 19th and 20th centuries combines a traditional literary focus (on authors like D’Annunzio, De Amicis, Pirandello, Palazzeschi, Marinetti, Papini, Alvaro, Calvino, Fenoglio, and Pavese) with a broader interdisciplinary horizon, including visual studies (on Italian early photography, abstract painting, and silent cinema), and social history (the reception of industrialism, the development of advertising and early industrial design).

Daniela Bartalesi-Graf
Italian Language and Culture

by Daniela Bartalesi-Graf
Free online courses for Italian AP, Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced level.

About Daniela Bartalesi-Graf

Daniela Bartalesi-Graf is Lecturer in the Department of Italian Studies. She holds an MA in Classical Studies from Tufts University. Before joining Wellesley College in Fall 2011, Daniela taught courses in the Italian language and culture at all levels at Tufts University for about 20 years. Her research interests are in Italian language pedagogy and 20 th  century Italian cultural studies. She has published articles on visual literacy in second language acquisition and on Italian writers Carlo Levi and Margaret Mazzantini. She is also the sole author of two textbooks and co-author of a third:

L’Italia dal fascismo ad oggi: percorsi paralleli nella storia, nella letteratura, e nel cinema (Guerra Edizioni, Perugia 2005), at the intermediate-advanced level;
Voci dal Sud: A Journey to Southern Italy with Carlo Levi and His Christ Stopped at Eboli (Yale University Press, New Haven 2011), at the advanced level.
Caleidoscopio (Pearson Education, New Jersey 2014), at the intermediate level, with co-author Colleen Ryan, Associate Professor of Italian at Indiana University.