We share the belief that newspapers are an ideal teaching tool for the following intrinsic features:

  • Timeliness
  • Hypertextuality
  • Interactivity
  • Multimediality

(Gualdo 2007:121-124 .https://www.itals.it/dal-quotidiano-cartaceo-al-giornale-online-le-caratteristiche-testuali-e-linguistiche-dellarticolo).

  • Italian News Clicks offers an immediate and dynamic view of Italy, and countless opportunities for contemporary connections and comparisons with a student’s own reality, while also offering possibilities to expand beyond a single item into a more comprehensive cultural exploration.
  • Italian News Clicks presents news accurately selected from the major national newspapers to illustrate current events of social, cultural and historical interest. The reading, analysis and discussion of these texts represent an ideal tool to explore the authentic use of the Italian language today.

As a concrete sample of the many opportunities the reading of newspapers can offer to the classroom, the authors created a sample Textbook composed of six units built around some of the articles and organized in thematic units.

We called this collection of teaching samples: L’ITALIA SUI GIORNALI

We thank Sara Trovato who along with Isa Orvieto was a major contributor to the idea and the creation of L’Italia sui Giornali.

SARA TROVATO (Milan Italy)
Ph.D. in Philosophy and Literature at Université Catholique de Louvain, Belgium. Her research focuses on the teaching of Italian as a second language, and in particular the teaching of Italian to Deaf people.  She is the author of “Italiano (anche) per svogliati” [Italian (even) for lazy learners], vol. 1 e 2, Milano: Hoepli. She teaches at Università di Milano Bicocca.