• Italian News Clicks was founded in 2009 by an initiative of Isa Orvieto and Maria Sepa who pursued their project from the opposite sides of the ocean, Maria Sepa from Milan and Isa Orvieto from Boston.
  • The support and advice provided by Elvira Di Fabio, from the very beginning of the initiative, played a vital role in the creation, duration and success of Italian News Clicks.

  • Luciano Caponigro, graphic designer based in Milan, served as technical adviser of Italian News Clicks and “L’Italia sui giornali from 2009 until 2014.

  • In 2014, Italian News Clicks was migrated to Emmanuel College and went through a series of substantial changes, realized with the help of Cindy Brennan of the Emmanuel’s Academic Technology and Innovation Group (ATIG), under the supervision of Karen Linitz, and subsequently of Misty Woodbury.

  • In June 2020 Italian News Clicks underwent a domain change from Emmanuel to Harvard, under the direction of Joseph Weiner, Senior Project Manager at Harvard University Information Technology Services (HUIT).

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