What made Italian News Clicks possible

  • A solid experience as teachers of Italian abroad
  • A deep knowledge of today’s Italy.
  • The lack of updated, authentic and selected information about Italy to use in the classroom.
  • The availability of modern technology

What makes Italian News Click unique

  • It is the first and only annotated collection of newspaper articles designed for pedagogical purposes.
  • It is available free of charge or registration to anyone worldwide, student, teacher and Italophile alike.
  • It includes a rich archive of over 700 selected articles on a variety of topics covering more than ten years of Italian events.
  • Its editorial board is committed to promote an authentic image of a modern, multiethnic and culturally multifaceted country, to contrast the stereotypes of Italy prevailing abroad.

Our guidelines

The following are the basic criteria that informed our selection of articles:

  • Articles principally from the major national online newspapers and magazines, i.e., Corriere.it, Repubblica.it, Il Sole 24 Ore.it, La Stampa.it, L’Espresso
  • Current news with long lasting impact.
  • Articles that report on social and cultural life in Italy but with a grin and a soft irony towards the Italian lifestyle.
  • Articles on how the Italian language is changing.
  • Even with sacred topics like food we favor those with a less stereotypical perspective.
  • Because we address an international audience we like to select articles capable of soliciting a cultural comparison.
  • Articles that underscore Italian excellence and cutting edge in technology, science and environmental  protection.

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